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Century plant Agave americana, detail of thorn
tags: detail of thorn, Century plant, Agave americana, mediterranean plants, cactaceae ,

Minaret Tower- Bell Tower, Cathedral of our Lady of the Assumption Great Mosque of Cordoba Andalucia
tags: Great Mosque of Cordoba, Andalusia, minaret tower,

Medicinal plant, Marian thistle Silybum marianum
tags: Medicinal plant, Marian thistle, Silybum marianum,

White Poplar leaf Populus alba, upper side
tags: Populus alba, leaf on tree, trees, white poplar leaf, ornamental trees,

ornamental flowers, flowers of Zinnia elegans
tags: ornamental flowers, Zinnia elegans, yellow flowers, ornamental flowers, garden flowers,

fruits Bupleurum fruticosum, mediterranean plant, natural texture
tags: Bupleurum fruticosum, mediterranean plant, natural texture, fruits, wild plants,

Baby Burchell´s Zebra or Plains Zebra Equus burchellii with his mother Taragire National Park Tanzan
tags: Equus burchellii, Baby Burchell´s Zebra, Tanzania, Tarangire,

Yellow leaves in garden tree Cherry plum Prunus cerasifera
tags: garden tree, leaves, autum, cherry plum, Prunus cerasifera,

Male mandarin duck floating on water
tags: Aix galericulata, Male mandarin duck, aquatic birds, water birds, waterbird,

oak-tree autumn leaf Quercus robur
tags: oak-tree, leaves, autumn, leaf, Quercus robur,

Pine Processionary tent Thaumetopoea pityocampa ´Tent´ made by larvae in pine tree
tags: pine tree, Pine Processionary, lepidoptera, Thaumetopoea pityocampa,

Griffon Vulture feathers Gyps fulvus natural Texture
tags: Gyps fulvus, Griffon Vulture feathers, natural texture,

wildflower Veronica persica, Buxbaums speedwell, Persian speedwell, Spain
tags: wildflowers, Veronica persica, Buxbaums speedwell, Persian speedwell, Spain,

Interior of , Andalucia, Spain
tags: Great Mosque, Cordoba, Andalucia, Spain,

Male mandarin duck floating on water, european birds
tags: european birds, Male mandarin duck, european birds, mandarin,

Chestnuts, edible nuts, sweet chestnut Castanea sativa
tags: sweet chestnut, Castanea sativa, Chestnuts, edible nuts,

Flowerbuds on tree Populus alba
tags: Populus alba, Flowerbuds on tree, trees,

closeup of a starfish
tags: starfish, close up, closeup, animals, invertebrates,

Almond tree (Prunus dulcis) white flowers
tags: white flowers, spring, prunus dulcis, almond tree,

lichen apothecia, photomacrography
tags: lichens, apothecium, apothecia, macrophotography, photomacrography,